Our Mission

We hope that through our work, we raise awareness about the practice of Mingi and see to its elimination in all 3 tribes of the Omo Valley; Kara, Bena, and Hamer.

Our biggest mission presently....

is to provide for each of our 50 children a chance at a bright future, an opportunity for an education, a path to becoming future leaders of their communities! 

Today, we have 50 children, but there are always more children who need to be rescued… and with your help, Omo Hope can grow and expand so we always have room for more children and bright futures!

Your support goes 100% directly to supporting these children, giving them a full, healthy life and within a safe and flourishing environment of the Omo Hope grounds.

Kara Tribe Ends Mingi
Lale Labuko was invited to attend the official Kara tribal ceremony in Dus village, ending the practice of Mingi on July 14, 2012. There, Lale spoke with people in the tribes who have been directly affected by Mingi. This was indeed confirmation that the Kara tribal culture had changed and finally ended the long tradition of infanticide. 

While the Kara tribe has ceased from practicing the Mingi tradition, they only make up 5% of the Omo Valley tribe population and there are still 7 other tribes practicing the tradition today.