How you can support Omo Hope this giving season!!


It’s official, December is here and Christmas is upon us! And so is giving season…

Every year, we heavily rely on the holiday season and end of year giving to help with fundraising for the wonderful children and staff of Omo Hope in Jinka, Ethiopia!

This year, we have plenty of amazing ways you can give and support as we enter a new season of change and progress.

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(All costs are based on a per child ratio)


School supplies and uniforms

Between 50 kids, there is never a shortage of holes in pant knees, rips in shirts, worn out from football playing, tree climbing, general fun that comes with being a kid kind of wear and tear in our children’s uniforms!

Want to give to a child a school uniform?

Cost: $30 per child

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Current need’s for each child at Omo Hope

We make sure each of these children are cared for and loved, as well as given everything they need. Each child’s monthly costs covers the necessities as well as the detailed care we give them.

And we need supporters like YOU to come alongside us and help with these monthly costs!

Cost: $350 per child

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Our new children’s home!

Our new land and children’s home in Jinka is currently under construction, and continually making progress! We are so excited to move everything over, but have a long way to go!
Our biggest needs for the building include construction costs and costs to furnish the rooms, dining hall, library and offices!

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Allie Jeffers